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10 ways to use our digital totems 10+ years

10 ways to use our digital totems 10+ years

Brand Touch 10 years warranty


Have you been considering new ways to engage customers and create a great connected experience?

Brand Touch is the only digital totems manufacturer with 10 years warranty in the world
and our totems work uninterrupted 365/7/24 in 240+ retail venues worldwide. Since July 2010.

We’ve been asked frequently to put together a “digital signage totems best practices” guide,
so here is how our customers use digital totems to get an edge over their competitors:

1. Stand out and experience the WOW effect

Bright and bold, heads-level totem design always stands out, engaging passersby to stop and check out.
If you’re after a unique, lively, high-tech atmosphere – this may be just what you need.
Make a place of sights, colors, sounds and smells like nowhere else in the world.

2. Inform and Entertain your Audience

The digital canvas delivers the right content to effectively inform and entertain – current events and promotions, way-finding, live social feeds, feedback, multimedia.

3. Rise brand awareness and proximity sales

Exchange live social user-generated content in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for coupons and rise the engagement with 1200% in 1 month!

4. Share Promotions and Up-sell products

Interact with your customers. Run incentive campaigns and switch to interactive mode, to help them find what they are looking for.

5. Increase Social Media Buzz with call to actions

By showcasing happy customers and feeding social channels on a totem’s SocialWall, you convert more people to fans and multiply the brand awareness.

6. Share the platform and generate revenue

Strategic partnerships with shopping malls and venue owners ensures great exposure to their customer base and extra revenue from advertisers.

7. Enhance events and decrease wait time

Intelligent digital displays enhance experiences even in idle time – a perfect opportunity to engage people around your brand.

8. Use data collection and analysis for security and infection spread prevention

Audience analytics and adaptive content can bring your customer’s experience from mediocre to supreme. Customization feels good and happy screens make happy people.
COVID-19 related issues? Check our ZilverSlate™ totem – world’s first interactive totem with antimicrobial ionic silver nano-coating and embedded IR thermometer, since 2010.

9. Go digital, go Green

Everybody is converting to digital these days to eliminate the printing cost and waiting time. Content can be updated anytime from the cloud, immediately. It’s instant, impressive, interactive, immersive and connected with your customers, having the highest impact among all media channels.

10. Change is everywhere

Spring is here, time of Change and Renewal. We are here to match your needs with a custom-built, all-inclusive solution and shape the future.
Have a new project? Share your ideas with Brand Touch. Our passion of innovation and creative design are always ready and happy to partner for new concepts.
We can do more, for far less, than we ever could before. Just have a look at our latest projects and get in touch to discuss yours.

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