Brand New touch Table – ArtSurface 3

It’s a kind of… table. Not a flying carpet, but everything else. This interactive surface 
is a stylish and useful reflection of people’s activities. It's a great partner in presenting, 
teaching, doing business, or following data, painting, singing, composing music, playing 
different games for kids and adults.

It looks like the same table that many companies discovered, but soon lost interest in it. 
The horizontal surface was not enough for us. We decided to go further and bet on a table 
that can easily convert to vertical display or kiosk with a touch of a remote control button. 

An elegant frame protects the water resistant 32 points multi-touch Full HD display. 
The magic inside embeds an i5 Core PC plus 1000s of Windows 8 apps. An extensible 3-years warranty 
will make sure you can enjoy this piece of art with not second thoughts.
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