Expose 3 for Ningaloo Reef World Heritage

Expose 3 for Ningaloo Reef World Heritage

Ningaloo Reef – a zone with unique biodiversity near the West Australian
coast. Brand Touch has designed and delivered an interactive application
and luxury totem for an amazingly knowledgeable insight into the marine
life of this World Heritage area.

As one of Australia national treasures, Ningaloo Marine Park is one of the
largest fringing coral reefs in the world. The region occurs in a transitional
zone of tropical and temperate marine life with over 500 species of fish,
300 species of coral and 600 species of mollusks. It is also the home of
the gentle giant of the sea, the whale shark as well as manta rays, turtles,
dugongs, whales and dolphins.

All this beauty and diversity found an impressive interactive expression,
designed by Brand Touch. The totem was delivered to the Ningaloo Marine
Park World Heritage site (1200km from Perth, Western Australia) just
in 5 days by DHL.

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