How do I control my digital signage network?
Our smart digital signage networks can be controlled from every web-enabled device and location (including your smartphone) using a content management system. Many companies start with a small network and add new devices as the network grows.
How to Order?
1. You Define
  • custom design
  • custom size
  • custom configuration
  • custom branding
  • custom accessories
  • custom services
2. We Deliver
  • high-end design body
  • 24″-76″ LED display(s)
  • multi-touch interface
  • audience analytics
  • 4G cloud DS player
  • OS and software
3. They Enjoy
  • wayfinding & VR tours
  • products & promos
  • ads & shopping guide
  • web & mobile apps
  • event schedules, QR
  • ambiance & well-being
How long does it take for an order to ship?
Most standard Brand Touch orders ship in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the custom design and configuration level. Please check the estimated shipping times in our proposal generation configurator.
Where is the best location for a system?
You should place our systems in high-traffic and high-visibility locations (which usually could be found and fine-tuned with the integrated Audience Detection option), yet avoid locations where customers or employees will bump into it. A power socket is the only item you need to run our interactive digital signage units.
Cancellations, returns and warranty?
We want to make sure you’re happy with your Brand Touch purchase. If we haven’t started the production of your order yet and you ask us to cancel it, we’ll do our best to stop it. All cancellation requests must be received within 5 days after you placed the order. If we already shipped the system but you don’t want it or it doesn't work as expected, you can return it if it is a standard model (not customized) item, working, non-defective in new condition may be returned within 5 days for a refund (a 10% restocking fee + shipment charges applies). If there is a missing part we’ll either send you the missing item or replace the whole system within 5 days. After 10 days, the general warranty terms below will apply. A Brand Touch system includes a 3 year warranty on all parts. If your system stops working during the warranty period or you want to request a refund as described above, you’ll need to contact tech support via the website. If we are unable to resolve your issue (or you’re requesting a refund), we’ll issue you an RMA number so you can return the system for refund, repair or replacement. Remember, you need to get an RMA number before sending a system back to us for any reason. In the case of repairs, we’ll typically have you send the system back to us, but we reserve the right to repair the unit on-site at your location instead. Of course, this would be done at no cost to you, and we’ll coordinate with you on the time and place. If you've sent a system back to us for repairs, we’ll choose the best option in terms of repairing the existing system, or replacing it with another one. Normally, it takes us 5-7 days to fully test the returned system and determine what’s wrong. At that point, we’ll contact you with our findings and how long we expect the repair or replacement to take. When sending a system back to us, you’re responsible for the shipping costs. We don’t provide refunds for shipping charges. In any case you are assured that we stand behind your purchase if anything goes wrong.
How does the systems handle power failures?
In big venues like shopping malls surges and failures happen very often. Brand Touch systems will automatically turn on and resume playback after a power failure. We strongly recommend that you purchase a power conditioner or even UPS option to protect the system. In our experience, customers that use a power conditioner or UPS get a much longer life out of their digital signage system.
Do we need a LAN, WiFi or 4G at the site?
In order to view, upload and schedule content, monitor and control the network remotely (from any web-enabled device), you need Internet connection at least from time to time. Alternatively, you can run static content by loading it from USB drive, SD card, external drives.
Can I turn the devices on and off automatically?
Yes, you have schedules for example to turn the screen on in the morning, and then put it into sleep mode in the evening and holidays. This prolongs the life of your screen and saves power.
Can I split, overlay or rotate the screen content?
Yes, you can run content full screen, split the screen into zones, layers and rotate it for the vertical/portrait mode totems. Each zone can show any type of content, including videos, Flash, webcam or other sensor input, RSS feeds/ tickers and switch content depending on schedule and sensors (audience detection, motion, buttons, etc).
What images, videos, animation and music can I show?
+ More than 20 high-definition (HD/ HDTV) video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, Quicktime, WMV, MKV, ASF, VOB, etc); + 3D video and 3D virtual reality apps/ games on our 3D LED display models; + Flash animation (SWF, FLV); + Images (JPEG, GIF, PNG); + MS Office (PPT, DOC, XLS) and Adobe PDF files; + Live TV stream from your cable, satellite, DVD, antenna; + More than 10 high-definition audio formats (MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc), from simple presentation background to 7.1 SRS Dolby Surround sound; + Websites, web, mobile and android applications; + Text, tickers and crawls using RSS or text feeds; + Calendars, clocks, weather and other widgets.
How big can it grow?
Since the scalable core technology is the same in every product, there’s no limit to how many units you can connect to our cloud servers. Whether you need 1 unit or a network of 1000 screens, you’ll get the same world-class powerful management system and service.
Who will benefit from digital signage?
Any company with information, communication and messaging needs. Brand Touch focuses on the retail industry (shopping malls and stores, financial services and banks, hotels, galleries and museums, trade shows, public venues and corporate settings). As digital signage applications continue to expand, more businesses will find innovative ways to use from digital signage. Companies can use digital signage to increase information accessibility, boost sales with better marketing and advertising.
What is 3D digital wayfinding?
The history of digital wayfinding is identical to digital signage itself. During the 1970s the marketplace started to deploy digital signs. Some of these signs showed customers the way to a nearby business. Indoors, these signs could be used to point out a retail shop, restaurant, restroom among other services and amenities. Modern digital wayfinding includes “in-store GPS” control, virtual advertising, mobile QR code info and social media sharing, among other complex software applications.
What is interactive and dynamic digital signage?
Interactive digital signage is a device that allows the user to exercise control over the display content and input their own information or transaction. Interactive digital signage has active input device like keyboard, touch screen, push buttons or 3D sensors that allow the user to interface with the system. Not all digital signage is interactive, nor does it need to be. Customer service and information signage has a huge upside for dynamic and interactive features. Dynamic and smart digital signage refers to the capability to continuously change the content on the same signage display, yet does not necessarily require interactivity.
What are the benefits of smart digital signage?
Brand Touch customers have realized dozens benefits of dynamic digital signage: Amazing & Attractive – getting immediate audience attention is the most important part: the WOW effect has proven increase on communication effectiveness, user action and sales. Focused & Measurable – your content dynamically changes to deliver a focused message to your audience at each location. Dynamic & Connected – interactive digital signage dynamically changes to meet the auto-detected demographics of your audience. Cost-effective & Profitable – eliminating all printing and distribution fees. Full control, remote management, no heavy logistics. Flexible & Centralized – from trade fairs to corporate lobbies to banks and malls – digital signage offers a versatile solution with centralized control of one or thousands displays around the world from one location, ensuring quality and consistency with minimal resources.