Awesome Design

Awesome Design

Amazing Design at the Right place.

There are many reasons why people find Brand Touch digital totems right in the center of landmark buildings, World Heritage sites and 5-stars resorts.
We deploy contemporary masterpieces of art with the slimmest body on the planet, top-performance multimedia, delivering amazing experience to customers around the world.

Changing your old posters with amazing multimedia totems, interactive kiosks and multi-user tables boosts your sales and makes your visitors speak about your brand for months.
While most digital campaigns have less than 1% conversion, Brand Touch delivers the right message to the right people at the right time and place – where 70% of them make their purchase decision.

Concept to Completion.

The Range of models express elegant, organic lines and scientifically-calculated forms, inspired by the endless beauty of nature, tribal art and ancient legends. Our designers have been striving to reach the ultimate perfection and have succeeded in any humanly possible way. We use only high-end materials, the latest energy-efficient technology and free-form modeling CAD/CAM software.

Send us your project details and we will design unique artwork for your unique site.


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