Eco-friendly Efficiency

Eco-friendly Efficiency

Efficiency from the Green company

Brand Touch has leveraged the latest LED and AMOLED display technologies to lower energy consumption up to 80%. Digital Signage is the most economically efficient of all media, including print. All resources and delivery are digital, the costs are focused on content creation.

As a green company, we proactively execute our ongoing green policy to fully automate its CNC production facilities, run a paperless-office, and make its venues as green as possible. We use:

  • Solar energy for water heating and servers power supply
  • Geothermal energy for air-conditioning of double isolated interior
  • StopSol and low-emissivity glass (Low-E) glass panels for the double glazed facade
  • Grass layer on the roof for natural insulation and energy performance
  • CNC-based flexible manufacturing system (FMS) for optimal consumption
  • Full glass and stainless steel industrial solid waste recycling
  • All our interactive digital information systems are high-quality and environmentally-friendly certified.

Be different, step on a new level. Go Green with Brand Touch.

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