Interactive, easy & fun

Interactive, easy & fun

Interactive, easy and fun to use

Interactive digital signage has numerous advantages over other forms of advertising like oldschool printed

Content is dynamic. Compared to print, the content creation/distribution process is rapid, less costly and scheduled on the fly to each interactive device. Play any multimedia content, including 2D and 3D videos, image slide-shows, Flash and HTML5 animations, interactive web apps, SRS audio, charts, diagrams, weather and news, RSS feeds, MS Office and PDF files, presentations, etc.

Audience is known: number, gender, age, distance and interest span of the viewers is measured for dynamic content change and ad efficiency. The audience measurement and analytics system helps you tailor content, predict, understand, quantify and evaluate outcome to a scientific level, while boosting your sales with proven 30% up increase.

Time is known: content is served through a remotely managed 4G network as function of time of the day. Events are known: Weather, traffic, concerts, expos. Full content and device time scheduling with night, weekends and holiday constraints – schedule your digital signage network campaign from any Internet enabled device, including iPhone/ iPads and Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy.

Place is known: 70% of the customers make their purchase decision at the place of sale so this is the best place for your advertising. You can start with one digital signage totem display and grow in time to a worldwide network of thousands of cloud-controlled units.

We merge the real with the virtual world to attract millions of visitors daily. Bright full-HD vision, multi- touch-screens and dolby surround sound. The extraordinary HD experience is completely different from standard definition content, which our mind considers as a static wall picture – the mind converts the idea into a window – bright, vivid, constantly changing an buzzing with life, bringing 75% more color spectrum. What is seen becomes a reality, and what mind considers real will remain in memory longer. Adding interactive multi-touch features makes the experience even more extraordinary.

Brand Touch digital units are easy and fun to use.

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