Management & Support

Management & Support

Advanced Management Services

Content management is a vital point in delivering always-fresh messages to the target audiences, custom created to fit their styles, education and culture. Playlist, schedules, reports, media libraries, distribution means, internet connectivity are all parts – from installation to maintenance – of a good digital signage network, successfully managed from one central location.
Change the complete playlist or just a part of it with just a few clicks. Upload dozens of media types and web-enabled applications.

Our customers receive on-demand services like

  • content management
  • maintenance and upgrades
  • real-time remote monitoring
  • system and playout reporting
  • audience metrics and reports

Support & Free updates

Brand Touch has extensive experience working out all the logistics associated with system integration and deployment. From strategy and site survey, through shipping and installation to maintenance and automated software updates – we deliver complete project service, 3 years warranty and annual maintenance for your unique application, whether it’s a standard product or custom manufactured unit.

We provide professional support services to all our customers with reaction times of not more than 6 hours. We are dedicated to provide you with the best digital signage experience. You’ll be notified by email as soon as we update the platform so that you never miss out the new features we release with every new update.

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