Metrics & Reports

Metrics & Reports

Audience metrics & Reports

The integrated audience measurement, analytics and reporting system provides unparalleled advantage to your digital signage network. Catching audience characteristics in real time helps to tailor the content, understand audience engagement levels and boost your sales. Don’t know which half of your advertising budget is wasted? Marketing intelligence is the critical information required to optimize the advertising investments and to measure ROI.

Brand Touch helps you to create targeted dynamic proactive marketing campaigns, to predict, understand, quantify, analyse and evaluate their outcome to a scientific level:

  • Facial detection and Counting
  • Consumer interest duration
  • Gender, age, distance and emotion detection
  • Web and Video Analytics
  • Loop length optimization
  • Automated email reporting

We have deployed digital signage networks for some of the largest national shopping centers with over 1 million visitors per month per mall. In order to manage the advertising media efficiently, Brand Touch provides advanced reporting software, getting data and generating automatic playback and system status reports for every digital signage player:

  • Proof of play reports over daytime, total running time, player, advertisement name and media file.
  • Project management, performance and system status reports.
  • Multi-digital signage networks administration based on geographic regions, customers, contents, business models.
  • System error, reboots and software updates log.
  • Automatic periodic generation and email alerts (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Reports export to XML, HTML and Excel
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