Quality & Performance

Quality & Performance

Quality & Performance

We use only the highest quality exquisite and long-lasting materials like glass and metals. The bodies are made from naturally recyclable materials, yet after lifetime use, you can return the systems back  to us.

Our designers combine experience, creative art freedom and cutting-edge CAD/CAM/CNC technology, ensuring unique  design, high-end optical quality and ultimate performance for your interactive display system. Every millimeter gets a double test by our certified experts to assure supreme quality.

As a Hardware and Software agnostic solution provider, we work with the best hardware and software suppliers in the industry to provide you with a choice of 10 HD display sizes, 5 digital signage players, 4 operating systems, over 20 additional modules like HD Web cams, Audience detection system (gender/ age/ emotion), SRS speakers, Barcode and chip/ pin readers, Thermal printers, Brochure holders, etc.

We are committed to provide impeccable quality, controlled efficiency and industry-proven expertise to fully develop the potential of your communication channels:
+ Digital strategy and R&D team
+ Showroom and CAD/CAM design studio
+ Digitally controlled CNC production facility
+ Digital content and applications development studio
+ Logistics with own trucks and global partners

There is only one Brand Touch certified factory, located in Bulgaria, Europe, manufacturing all models.

The work process is executed with industrial controllers and under precise quality control and the surveillance of craftsmen having more than 20 years of experience producing design objects.

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