How it Works?

OctaEdge 2015

1. You Define

custom design
custom size
custom configuration
custom branding
custom accessories
custom services

2. We Deliver

high-end design body
24″-84″ LED display(s)
multi-touch interface
audience analytics
4G cloud DS player
OS and software

3. They Enjoy

wayfinding & VR tours
products & promos
ads & shopping guide
web & mobile apps
event schedules, QR
ambiance & well-being

Awesome dynamic content.

Digital has numerous advantages over other forms of advertising. Compared to print, the content creation/distribution process is rapid, less costly and scheduled on the fly to each interactive device. Play any multimedia content, including 2D and 3D videos, image slide-shows, Flash and HTML5 animations, interactive web apps, SRS audio, charts, diagrams, weather and news, RSS feeds, MS Office and PDF files, presentations, etc.

Place is known: 70% of the customers make their purchase decision at the place of sale

this is the best place for your branding and advertising. You can start with one digital totem and grow in time to a worldwide network of thousands cloud-controlled digital signage units.

The audience is known

number, gender, age, distance and interest span of the viewers is measured for dynamic content change and ad efficiency. The audience measurement and analytics system helps you tailor content, predict, understand, quantify and evaluate outcome to a scientific level, while boosting your sales with proven 30% up increase.

The time is known.

Time is known: content is served through a remotely managed 4G network as function of time of the day. Events are known: Weather, traffic, concerts, expos. Full content and device time scheduling with night, weekends and holiday constraints – schedule your digital signage network campaign from any Internet enabled device, including iPhone/ iPads and Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy.

Any OS and Application

Brand Touch is a software and hardware agnostic supplier, so you can choose between a range of operating systems including Android, Linux, Mac OS or Windows.
We develop custom digital signage content and software, interactive web and mobile applications and you can run all your existing media and applications as far as it matches the resolution and display ratio. Upload, schedule, manage and broadcast multi-channel content campaigns from and to any cloud-connected device. All of our totems and kiosks come with wireless connection (WiFi or 4G WiMAX) as standard.

small and large networks

No matter if you need one unit or a network of 1000 digital signage displays, we will design, produce, deploy and support a solution, matching your requirements. Our Clients are companies with a high self-esteem and want to communicate it with the highest quality and best designed products. All you need is to plug the unit in the nearest power socket and you are good to go.

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