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Meeting Rooms

The Lobby and Meeting Rooms Display System allows multi-site multi-device booking of conference and meeting rooms in corporate buildings and hotels. A powerful content management cloud-based system lets you publish event schedules and a wide range of media to your meeting room signs, mounted in the lobby and on the wall outside of each meeting room. The multi-size displays show availability status, date/time of ongoing and next upcoming meetings with current event name, duration, attendees, company promotions and logo, wayfinding information, news, weather, videos and emergency alerts. The system is fully integrated with Google Apps and Outlook, can be used as a stand-alone solution or combined with Brand Touch digital signage network. The meeting room digital display system even keeps track of space utilization and reports reservation patterns.

Private sense

Need a touch wall, window or mirror? Our embeddable touch projection/layer hidden sound system allows you to turn any surface in a touch-display with integrated audio system. The transparent through-glass touch layer system works with any operating system, while the projection system uses one or two 3D sensors which are placed around the outside edge of the surface to turn the data into real Windows 7 or 8 touch events. The creative possibilities are literary endless: Shop visitors can get info and product information on a window front, even after working hours, event managers can show their interactive presentations in conference rooms, adults can watch their favorite videos, chill out in selected mood, listen to the sound of falling waterfalls or enjoy the view from Everest under the shower, children can use floors and walls to play they favorite interactive games.

Video walls

ArtWall Matrix is an attention grabbing system allowing creative arrangement of LED displays with sizes from 32 to 75 inches to show videos, images, webcam stream or multimedia content on a non-uniform video wall matrix. The displays have built-in digital signage players, digital signage software, WiFi connectivity and optional touch layer for interactive applications, allowing content creation and playout in a unique way. Up to 250 units can be combined and connected via WiFi/ LAN and power cables.

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sample packages

  • Class
  • Displays
  • Custom finish
  • Performance
  • Platform
  • Generation
  • Support
  • Warranty

LMRDSroom displays

  • Professional 24/7
  • multi-size, multi-display
  • Branding
  • High, intensive traffic
  • Cortex, Android
  • 3G – Interactive
  • SaaS service, Phone & Email
  • 2 yrs, 6 certificates

3D Sensetouch surface

  • Commercial 24/7
  • multi-touch 20-200″
  • Branding
  • Low, room traffic
  • Kinect, Windows 8
  • 3G – Interactive
  • SaaS service, Phone & Email
  • 1 yr, 5 certificates

ArtWallvideo wall

  • Professional Show
  • 32″-200″
  • All options
  • Top, unlimited¬†traffic
  • Intel i7, Windows 8
  • 3G – Interactive
  • Software, phone & email
  • 1 yr, 6 certificates
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