OctaEdge v8 digital totem is shipping

OctaEdge v8 digital totem is shipping

Every day millions of people worldwide gaze at their 5” pocket gadget, communicating with the world,
while other millions are amazed by OctaEdge 55” double-sided totems, delivering 5D experience downtown.

Here comes OctaEdge v8 – the new fully customizable retail unit, built in the field around unique shopping
malls requirements, meeting the highest consumer expectations and your in-store marketing objectives.

Integrating amazing design, high-end materials and next generation technologies, OctaEdge delivers exciting digital
signage experience, helping top brands to increase engagement, enhance brand impact and drive revenue. Context-
aware content, iBeacon NFC, Smart wayfinding, Scent marketing, Social media integration – the choice is yours:

single or double-sided
high-end design body
multi-touch interface
octa-core cloud player
seven color options
Thousands of apps
Content management
Network monitoring
Audience analytics
Channel statistics
Digital Strategy
System integration
DS apps Development
Content Creation
Field Maintenance

Get in touch for the details, benefits and updates.

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