The Totem People

The First nations have crafted the art of totems for more than 10000 years. Monumental sculptures are carved by cultures of the indigenous peoples throughout the world – from the Arctic region, trough the Pacific islands and unknown cultures in Africa and the Himalayas, to the shores of Japan and New Zealand. The freestanding totem poles progressed from house posts and memorial markers into symbols of wealth, status and prestige.

A totem, as “that from which I draw my purpose, meaning, and being” is an object, that serves as the distinctive mark of a group of people, family, clan or tribe, reminding their ancestry. People have chosen to adopt a personal spirit helper, which has special meaning to them: “The bonds, that unite us, with a feeling of oneness in a vast territory, are the totems”.

We deliver Totems for the People of the World.

Like the god-wit shorebirds, flying nonstop 12000 kilometers from Alaska to New Zealand, without taking a break for food or drink, our digital totems fly to unique landmarks all around the world with a common goal of delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time – non-stop, year after year. Advertising, brand-building, sales, self-service, sharing, way-finding… you name it.
All in one and one for all.

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