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Do you need a touch kiosk, touch table, interactive wall or all together? With the height-adjustable fully tiltable multi-user interactive touch display stand, you can engage your customer much closer than ever before, regardless if they just walk-by (interactive kiosk stand mode), are in standing position (interactive touch table mode) or are in sitting position (presentation wall mode). The full-HD LED displays comes with 4, 12 or 32 touch points.

Touch tables

With the new ArtSurface multi-user glass tables, you can amaze, educate, consult and entertain your customers in a unique way. The multi-touch surface incorporates a brilliant full-HD display with 4 to 32 touch points. One-to-one meetings, family consultations or a dozen of kids, playing that new game – the interaction between users, software and content opens great new opportunities and is something they will talk about for months. ArtSurface in your custom size (32, 46″ and 55″) and style can be a perfect center in your office, architecture studio, health/ SPA center, hotel, bar or restaurant.

DJ stands

Brand Touch designs and manufactures multi-touch midi controller stands for professional DJs and VJs. Any custom interface can be designed with the software, based on Windows 8, All the information needed from your favorite DAW layout (Cubase, Sonar, Ableton, Virtual DJ, Traktor Pro) can be viewed on one large display. Enjoy a complete multi-touch MIDI controller with as much buttons, knobs and sliders as you need and 5ms latency for an amazing music show experience. The nano-coated glass surface supports years of extremely hard usage. The system is available in 40″, 46″, 55″ and 65″.

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touch table artsurface
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sample packages

  • Class
  • Displays
  • Custom finish
  • Performance
  • Platform
  • Generation
  • Support
  • Warranty


  • Daily 9/5
  • multi-size
  • Branding
  • High, intensive traffic
  • Cortex, Android
  • 3G – Interactive
  • SaaS service, Phone & Email
  • 2 yrs, 6 certificates

ArtSurfacetouch table

  • Professional 24/7
  • 1 x 46″ multi-touch
  • Color & branding
  • High, public traffic
  • Intel i5, Windows
  • 3G – Interactive
  • SaaS service, phone & email
  • 3 yrs, 6 certificates

DiabolicDJ stand

  • Awesome show
  • 1 x 48″, multitouch
  • All options
  • Top, unlimited traffic
  • Intel i7, Windows 8
  • 3G – Interactive
  • Software, phone & email
  • 3 yrs, 6 certificates
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