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Your Style and Finish Choice on all Pro and Luxury models ZilverSlate LE side view

Brand Touch is proud for being at the forefront of modern design.
Our digital totems feature a signature look and incomparable quality and performance that is worshiped worldwide.

Every brand and interior is individual, so we design and assemble every unit which reflect unique requirements and preferences.
We have our experienced design team on hand throughout the entire process, able to work alongside your designers helping you realize your dreams.

For example, the ZilverSlate LE (Limited Edition) is an intricately handcrafted masterpiece with a unique vision in craftsmanship, technical perfection and exquisite aesthetics.
It’s double-sided silver-nanocoated body and silver-plated railings with dark blue precious stone inlays is designed to amaze and inspire.
72 crystals adorn the silver sides of the totem, while the top bears a hand-fused illuminated stained-glass engraved logo – a perfect finishing touch to this exceptional Limited Edition masterpiece.

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