Was ISE 2015 different?

Was ISE 2015 different?

Have you heard your colleague moaning “ISE is always the same from a decade”?. Yes and no.
ISE2015 last week in AMS was the Place to be for the B2B systems integration industry.
59350 attendees! – manufacturers, distributors, dealers, contractors, consultants
(and few great end-customers) shared Brand Touch experience at stand 8-H365.

Passing along hundreds of white shells with TVs, whiteboards, blackboards, projectors,
microUSBs and huge 100″+ LEDs, there were those clean, vibrant, well-designed, beautiful, high-end
booth isles, gathering a multicultural, cosmopolitan community of professionals from
retail, corporate, education, events, hospitality and other verticals.

Brand Touch exhibited something attendee described and twitted as “different”:

“that’s different, visionary”
“amazing, the best design at the show!”
“you will not see this in the States…”
“Wunderbar, dass ist Groß!”
“our factory is in the glass business since 1946, still we can’t do that…”
“wow, smart way to present it…”
“smells like lilac or lavender?…”
“that’s fresh like after-the-rain spring landscape…”
“definitely it’s light years ahead”
“why 5G?”

So, what was “that”?

Brand Touch presented its newest piece of art, the adaptive 5G gate totem FreyjaFlyt 2015,
inspired by mystic Norse tales and crafted by top designers and precise robots.
Compared to existing interactive visual surfaces, the gate totem has 180% reduced volume,
150% reduced weight, 70% lower energy consumption and integrates 10 systems on a SoP platform:

  • 55” OLED Ultra-HD displays with transparent and curved options
  • Hi-Fi 5.1 surround THX sound system with hidden transducers option
  • Adaptive gender, age, emotions and interest span audience profiler
  • Art-glass sculpted body with precious nano-coatings, Swarovski crystal-in-silver inlays and tactile signage
  • 4G/ 5G-ready cloud-controlled embedded 4K hybrid media player
  • Multi-touch with optional touch-free gesture control interface
  • Fashion MagicMirror and cloth testing application
  • Monitoring system with heuristic behavioral analysis
  • Ozone air treatment system and Perfume scents tester

Content-, communication- and control- agnostic, the world’s first FreyjaFlyt 2015 exclusive edition will be available for ordering from our website by 01.03.2015.

We are grateful for all your feedback and the opportunities you’ve opened to us.
Now we know, it was different, overwhelming, energizing and yes, rewarding: with all those new projects in our pipeline, the horizon looks great.
We will keep in multi-touch via our CRM and follow-up all your new requests ASAP.

It’s a blue-ocean zero-competition world down here! Share your dreams and they’ll come true. We’ve done it for many, we’ll do it for you.
Have a great one and see you at the next show!
Yours, Brand Touch crew.

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